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Man keeps searching for something in the depths of the eternal for the happiness of life.
Man, after his experience, tried to incorporate the concept of Dharma meaning work salvation by imagining it in his life even after life, but society and contemplation changes with time.
In the present democratic system, law or justice system is established on the basis of equality.
The style of living and eating habits changed and the body kept getting smoother, so some intellectuals and sages turned the pages of the ancient Indian culture and saw that some beneficial things were embedded in it in the course of time.  Out of those six darshans, one saw yoga, tested it and did research for a few years, then life-enhancing, joyful and a ray of hope was raised and yoga became universal.  Yoga reached from house to house by being established at international level.  Seeing the benefits of this, the United Nations announced to celebrate it as International Yoga Day.
The sum of Maharishi Patanjali of ancient India reached all over the world.  The past has influenced the present and the wind of change has changed the thinking.  At present, there is no more concern about the hereafter, thinking and beliefs have changed, but every person wants to stay healthy and wants to consume this earth for more age, so yoga started to be more relevant to the body.  Between Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Ashtangik Yoga, which is a better action to cultivate body and mind, is also a journey from this world to the hereafter.  There is a special process of connecting human to human, human to nature, human to an unknown entity.  Maharshi Patanjali, extracting from the experience of life, gave Rasa as a philosophy which can be used as a means to achieve life goals, later many people developed their own yoga to keep the body healthy, popularity  Tried to achieve.  Yoga is a life process, apart from keeping the body healthy, yoga teaches to live life.


Yoga originated in India and well famous around the world for different techniques of
yoga fitness. Yoga asana,pose and exercises imporve flexibility of body and mind and can be
practice by any people young and old alike. few basic yoga postures are balasana,sukh asana,
kapalabhati and the best morning yoga stretching poses-surya namskar. Daily practice of
yoga asana’s leads to better life,great energy and improve your health and fitness.


About Yoga

-1.Intro to yoga

Types of Yoga

1.Hatha Yoga
2.Ashtanga Yoga
6.Theropy Yoga
8.Health Yoga


1.Certificate in practical yoga ( 1 month)
2.Certificate in advance practical yoga ( 2 month )
3.Certificate course in yoga ( 6 month )
4.Certificate in yoga instructor ( 6 month )
5.Diploma in yoga teacher ( 1 year )
6.Diploma in yoga instructor(1 year)
7.Diploma in yoga theropy ( 2year )
8.P.G.diploma in yoga teacher ( 2year)

Job Types-

Yoga Teacher,Yoga Therapist, Yoga Instructor,Yoga Lecturer,Professer,Researcher,Yoga board member

Employment Areas-

Resorts, School, Health Centers, TV Channels, Health Clubs,Corporate Houses,
Yoga Studios, Retirement Comunities

fees for yoga classess ( 5 hours per week)
1.Monthly Rs. 2000/
2.Quartaly Rs. 4000/ ( saving of Rs.2000/ )
3.Halfyearly Rs. 8000/ ( saving of Rs.4000/ )
4.Yearly Rs. 16000/ ( saving of Rs.8000/ )

Eligibillity- 10+2,any bachelar degree,post gradute,above
Age limit- no
Application form fees-1000/